la belle hearing spectacles

For a natural feeling of hearing

la belle glasses are unique, individual, and exclusive.

Air condition eyeglasses la belle is ideal for people who have both feet in life and appreciate a discreet and elegant solution for a natural feeling of hearing.

Glasses and hearing aids = hearing glasses

By la belle your glasses become a visual and auditory system. Enjoy the discreetly integrated and beautifully finished, new, additional benefit of your glasses. It is barely recognizable - but audible. As the position of your glasses at the head feel familiar the instrument is quickly forgotten. You wear different glasses? No problem. With the built-in click-exchange system, you can connect the hearing module in seconds. You only need one module for all glasses!

Your advantage

A unique hearing device, which differs from traditional hearing systems by placing the receiver in the auditory canal of the ear-drum. The result: natural hearing and precise understanding.

la belle 2 RIC

By the new design the hearing aid system is optical more integrated. When you choose the la belle 2 RIC hearing system, the speaker is placed directly in the ear canal at the eardrum. The result is a more natural listening and understanding! Enjoy mor quality of life. Experience the perfect combination of good seeing and good hearing.

System variants

Only the latest technic of leading hearing system specialist is plugged.

la belle air conduction

Different images of our la belle air conduction system.