CROS-System C.A.I. BC

With C.A.I. BC  series 800  bruckhoff hannover  presented  the  first bone conduction system, which can be worn with a simple ring earpiece and a flexible connector. 

The C.A.I. BC system is the simple and brilliant answer to the problems of people with conductive hearing loss or single side deafness (SSD). In case of single side deafness (SSD) the sound goes from the deaf side without surgery, wires or radio waves through the cranial bone into the normal hearing ear. The client does not receive internal noises from the instrument, the acoustic shadow effect is eliminated and the client gets all acoustic informations from the deaf side.

The C.A.I. is a self supporting system and requires no carrier such as glasses,  headbands or operation for  fixing. It uses a conventional ring-ear piece for open fitting and is worn like a modern bluetooth device.

C.A.I. is the abbreviation for Concha Anchored Instrument

CROS types

BC-CROS right = Device right

BC-CROS left = Divice left