headset hearing system bone conduction

Bone conduction headset hearing system

The sound makes the music

headset hearing systems are a good solution when bone conduction is required. The innovative headset hearing systems are light, easy to wear, fit every head – and offer a natural hearing feeling.


headset hearing systems: don it and done

The patented hearing module is mounted on an adjustable metal bracket and resembles a headset or headphones.  Due to the predefined position of the hearing modules your new hearing system is 

  • ideally positioned on the head in a jiffy
  • light and thus hardly noticeable.

The headset hearing system is „made in Germany“. A quality product that will guarantee you long-lasting pleasure.


Technology at its finest

Light weight – strong in performance

  • Easy to use
  • Lifelike quality sound
  • Automatic adjustment of listening comprehension
  • Perfect listening even in noisy environments
  • Masks interference noise

Easiliy adjusted: headset

Adapt itself to every head – from small to large

The light and subtle metal bracket can be quickly and easily adjusted to different head sizes via the two adjusters. Thus, you can place the hearing system in the perfect position in seconds.


Infomaterial headset hearing system

Infoflyer and manual headset bone conduction

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