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Our innovative hearing instruments, e.g. the la belle air conduction eyeglasses and la belle bone conduction eyeglasses are actually the most discreetly, comfortable and elegant solution wearing a hearing system.

The stylish headset hearing system is setting standards in terms of technology, comfort and design.

With the children´s hearing system junior we have developed a bone conduction hearing system that allows to the children the access in the world of the hearing in an easy way.

On these pages you learn a lot about us, our services and our products of the world of digital hearing.


bruckhoff service

Development, construction and repair of spectacle and other innovative hearing aids

Whether for own products or third-order of leading international companies: the product development is the strength of bruckhoff hannover. From the optimization of existing technology to a complete new development, you get skilled support from one source. We are the specialists for hearing glasses and when it comes to innovative product design – elegant and simple handling.

Construction of hearing instruments

Know-how and modern technology makes bruckhoff hannover also a sought after partner for industry in the design of products or special accessories.


  • Hearing instruments
  • Components
  • Headsets
  • RIC-hearing instruments
  • Design Products

Hearing glasses construction

Our constructions of hearing glasses have been appreciated by customers for decades and are highly recommended by the hearing instrument industry.

Using a range of modernst external and internal products we realize our customer's individual demands from standard solution to special requests.

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About us

Since 1981 bruckhoff developed, produces and expels technically and optically innovative hearing systems and medicine products. To the best known own products belong the hearing glasses la belle as well as many, today market-leading products from the area of air- and bone conduction hearing systems.

The many years' know-how of our engineers and certified employee as well as a close collaboration with HNO doctors, medical centres and audiologists, guarantee best product quality "made in Germany".

Since 2016 is bruckhoff under the management of the AUDIA AKUSTIK GmbH in Sömmerda.

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