la belle spectacle hearing system bone conduction



The small and powerfull bone conduction hearing system for your glasses

Seeing and hearing in one

la belle spectacle hearing systems combine a hearing module and glasses elegantly. This makes la belle nearly invisible: ideal for people who appreciate an unobtrusive solution for a natural hearing sensation both professionally and privately.

You will inspire the high wearing comfort and the brilliant hearing feeling.
Hear for yourself!


Benefits la belle hearing system bone conduction

Small, discreetly and comfortable

The patented hearing module is technically and optically integrated into your glasses so that the added value of your glasses is virtually invisible. Due to the familiar position of the glasses on the head, your new hearing system is:

  • automatically ideally positioned on the head,
  • not noticeable to you,
  • hardly visible to others.

No other hearing system can be worn more comfortably or discreetly.

One hearing aid – for all spectacles

Practical, easy and low-cost

Whether working, reading or sunglasses: you only need one la belle hearing module for your glasses.

Click on – done!

Flexible with the temple arm end piece

Wear your glasses as usual even without the hearing module – with the discreet temple arm end piece.

Click on – done!